Plus 7 ALTERNATIVES TO USE IN YOUR CLASSROOM TODAY! There. I said it. I don't like Kahoot! and I don't think Kahoot! has a place in the math classroom to practice math skills. Did you read that last part carefully? I don't think Kahoot! should be used to practice math skills. But, why not? I … Continue reading UNPOPULAR OPINION: I DON’T LIKE KAHOOT!


I have been using standards based grading my entire teaching career. And by entire teaching career, I mean my entire 8 years. I'm no expert on standards based grading, but I do know a thing or two about using and implementing this in my classroom. I'm not going to lie to you, I LOVE it … Continue reading STANDARDS BASED GRADING IN THE MATH CLASSROOM

Now Loading…..Digital Mystery Pictures!

Okay, while I haven't exactly jumped on the Pixel reveal activity bandwagon - (thank you college coding class for ruining that for me forever!) I have stumbled across another form of mystery pictures that has been so awesome for me and my students! These are so cool because you start with the problems side by … Continue reading Now Loading…..Digital Mystery Pictures!

Syllabus? More like SILLYabus.

First day of school should be fun and exciting for both students and teachers! It's a fresh new start for everyone! However, it can often be boring having to go over rules and procedures for the classroom as well as the syllabus. For students, they have 7+ classes where they're being talked at by their … Continue reading Syllabus? More like SILLYabus.