Now Loading…..Digital Mystery Pictures!

Okay, while I haven’t exactly jumped on the Pixel reveal activity bandwagon – (thank you college coding class for ruining that for me forever!) I have stumbled across another form of mystery pictures that has been so awesome for me and my students!

These are so cool because you start with the problems side by side with the solution like this:

And then students solve each of the 12 problems. As they solve (or all at once at the end) they will click and drag the answer to be on top of the problem. So that when they are finished, they end up with a beautiful completed picture that looks like:

I mean, how cool is that! Almost as cool as the mystery pixel reveal ones, am I right??

So let’s talk Pros/Cons to this kind of activity…


  1. They’re all drag and drop so they can be done on any tablet/computer/touchscreen that a student has access to! No typing things in, just clicking and dragging!
  2. SELF CHECKING! Need I say more? Students will automatically see whether they solved the question correctly when they look for their answer on the solution tiles and don’t see it! Seriously, the best. AND when they turn it in, it’s a quick glance at the picture to see if they did it right to “grade” it! My reaction:
Happy Season 5 GIF by Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. You can re-purpose the template you make and then just change the picture/problems for whatever you want to have your students practice next! Seriously, so great! Just swap out the pictures, problems and voila! New resource that students ALREADY know how to complete!

4. It’s in google slides, so it’s all online and super easy to assign through Canvas and Google Classroom! (Not sure about any other online learning platforms because I’ve only ever used Canvas and Google Classroom).


  1. If you’re not collecting work, students can maybe figure out how the puzzle goes without having to actually solve the questions.
  2. You don’t get to grade anything…. meaning no stacks of papers to bring home! What a bummer!
  3. ……..

I really can’t think of any more cons to this type of activity. My students have loved it, I love it and it’s been such a lifesaver especially in this digital world of distance learning! I will definitely be continuing to use them next year even as we return to normal (fingers crossed) and more paper based activities!


Want to see a free example of what I’m talking about? Click HERE to receive TWO free digital mystery pictures on solving one and two step equations!

Love it and want to check out the ones I have on tpt? Click HERE to go to my digital mystery picture section of my store. If you have any suggestions of activities you want to see covered in this manor, please reach out to me: and I’ll work on it and send it over to you for free!

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